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What is Hypnotherapy?

The hypnotherapeutic process is a beautifully simple, relaxing way to reconnect with your self and your body. It's a form of self-improvement counselling where limiting self-beliefs can be transformed by circumventing the conscious mind or 'inner critic'. This process allows a person to directly engage their conscious and subconscious mind during this state of heightened focus, intention and concentration, to create deep subconscious change. 

Dr. Bruce Lipton (2015) believes that "the greatest problem we face is that we think we are running our lives with the wishes, desires, and aspirations created by our conscious mind.  When we struggle or fail to obtain our goals, we are generally led to conclude that we are victims of outside forces preventing us from reaching our destination.  However, neuroscience has now established that the conscious mind runs the show, at best, only 5 percent of the time.  It turns out that the programs acquired by the subconscious mind shape 95 percent or more of our life experiences" (The Biology of Belief, 2015).

Hypnosis is a naturally-occurring state which we spontaneously experience throughout the day. We can unconsciously enter into a light hypnotic trance when driving, brushing our teeth, or other routine activities. This can also occur when we are deeply relaxed or daydreaming. More commonly, we go into a trance state right before falling asleep and waking up. Hypnotherapy purposefully engages this natural process in order to connect with one's inner resources.​

Why Use Hypnotherapy? 


Therapeutic work is enhanced while in a hypnotic state because you are able to access your subconscious mind. This process of guided imagery can result in stress relief, better sleep, accomplishing goals with greater ease, and learning how to be the best you are meant to be with an expanded sense of self.

Overall, hypnotherapy is used for relaxation, stress management, transforming habits and subconscious patterns of behavior, releasing emotional blocks, and connecting with one's inner guidance. No matter what you use hypnosis for, reduced stress and anxiety, and improved sleep are always the added benefits. 

Hypnosis is not normal awareness. It is increased awareness. This is a state in which the mind works so well and the law of self-preservation works so beautifully that no one could ever take advantage of you in the hypnotic state. Basically, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, meaning that you have control over your imagination and hypnosis allows you to go deeper into your imagination to convince your mind of what you can change, achieve and accomplish.




"…hypnosis is not mind control. It's a naturally occurring state of concentration; it’s actually a means of enhancing your control over both your mind and your body."

-Dr. David Spiegel, Assoc. Chair of Psychiatry
Stanford University School of Medicine

Hypnotherapy Can Assist With:
  • Stress Management

  • Weight loss

  • Goal-setting

  • Break through limitations

  • Insomnia and sleep disorders

  • Fears and Phobias

  • Overcome Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Increase intuition

  • Smoking cessation

  • Strengthening self-confidence

  • Pain management

  • Self-improvement

  • Inner child work

  • Self-awareness

  • Concentration and mental focus

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